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Descendants Elite Cast Audition Materials 
Signing up for an audition slot is the easy part! Want to prep? Read Below!
*This is only for the Elite Auditions. Broadway Babies will receive materials the first day of class!

Want to read the show and listen to the music?CLICK HERE
1. Your audition song. Choose something 1 minute or less. Find the karaoke (no vocal) track on YouTube or anywhere else you stream music. Choose something in the style of the show and the character you'd like to be considered for!
2. Learn the show! Click the link above and learn the show! You may think it's just like the movie, it's not! It's super rare we can read the script ahead of time like this, so take advantage! And watch the movies!
3. Fill out your audition form! Get your headshot and resume ready too. And PLEASE list all conflicts! We are happy to work around conflicts, but they need to be disclosed in auditions! Late added conflicts may result in an understudy being assigned to your role. 

Below are scenes and songs that you may be asked to read/sing in callbacks. Remember, just because you are NOT called back, does NOT mean your are NOT cast. Sometimes, we know right away where we want to put you! :)

Songs & Scenes- (songs/scenes you may be asked to sing and/or read in callbacks)
Click HERE for the drive with potential callback songs and scenes.
Audition Form - You will receive an email with the form after you sign up for an audition slot!


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