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We are currently in rehearsals for Elf Jr. This page is for informational purposes only. 

Fall 2023 Production

Our production of Elf Jr. is for ages 7 and up! There are different requirements for different ages groups, so please read carefully. This musical is so fun with a plethora of parts and awesome opportunities for our students! Much like the movie, this musical is sure to touch the hearts of our cast and our audience!

Ages 7 - 9 Requirements:

1 Minute Video "Audition"*

Due by July 19

(1 minute or under song of choice, a capella (no music) OR a track with no words).

Please have your child say : Their name, age and name of song,

at the beginning of their audition video.

Submitted via Google Drive Registration Form.

*This is to ensure that your child is ready for the commitment of such a large production.

Once approved, your child will be permitted to sign up for the production.

9 and under will also require a parent volunteer fulfillment. This could include "hall monitoring" during rehearsals, assisting backstage during 1 performance, or other tasks.

$50 Deposit is required after acceptance into the production

$200 due at first rehearsal. $250 Total. 

First Potluck Rehearsal: July 29, 2023. Saturday. 

7 - 9 Audition/Registration Form Link CLICK HERE

Ages 10 & Up (Register now, Audition later)

TCA is getting back to its roots. This production (Ages 10 and Up), will sign up if you'd like to participate and a few weeks in, we will have auditions. We strongly believe in the power of theatre and the benefits of being a part of a production no matter what role you get! This is how we originally started way back at Orange Terrace and I am excited to get back to our mission of "instill a lasting passion for the arts in the young people of today." The "arts" means all roles, on stage and off, all types of art forms. I want to teach your children the love of theatre from all angles of the stage, front and center or stage right in the back row. Every part is important and vital to the success of our show! 

10 & Up Registration Form Link Click HERE

Ages 10+ Requirements:

Enrollment Form & $100 Deposit

First Potluck Rehearsal: July 29, 2023. Saturday. $200 final balance due.

Auditions: August 12, 2023. Saturday

Production Information for ALL age Groups: 


July 29  - November 1, 2023

Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:45 PM*

Saturday: July 29. August 12. September 2, 23. October 21.  (10 - 1 PM)

Rehearsal Locations:

SALT Dance Studios

TCA Indiana Studio 

The Box Riverside

*Rehearsal times will vary depending on age group & location.

Not all Actors will not be called to every rehearsal.

Rehearsals are closed, with the exception of scheduled parent volunteers. 

Details in the rehearsal schedule. We are happy to work around conflicts

 as long as they are disclosed in the audition form. 

Ages 7 - 9 will (usually) be called 3:30 - 4:30 PM*

10 and up will (usually) be called 4:00 -5:45 PM

This will vary depending on what is being rehearsed,

and actors will be called longer as we get closer to showtime. 

*Ages 7 - 9 may be called later depending on the rehearsal requirement, we will let

you know ahead of time. 

Dress Rehearsal and Performances will take place

November 6 - 11, 2023

at The Box in Downtown Riverside. 

Closed Rehearsals will take place at THREE locations
1. SALT Dance Studios: 6377 Riverside Ave. Ste #120 Riverside, CA 92506 (Most Rehearsals)

2. TCA Indiana Studio: 10020 Indiana Ave. Ste 211 Riverside, CA 92503 (Sometimes)

3. The Box Riverside: 3635 Market St. Riverside, CA 92501 (Once a month & tech week/performances)

We know it's a lot of locations, we will send reminders each week to help with any confusion. Each location provides something different! The dance studio is for big group numbers, Indiana location is for our smaller scenes and solos and The Box is for spacing rehearsals!

Costs for the production:

Ages 7 - 9. Tuition is $250 Total. $50 Deposit.

10 & Up. Tuition is $300 total. $100 Deposit. (Roughly $12 per rehearsal)

 Remaining balance due at the first rehearsal.


Tuition includes: all rehearsals, costume fee, script (actors keep), and a cast t-shirt. The only other costs will be undergarments/footwear, and ticket sales. We do not require a minimum amount of tickets to be sold by any cast member. Tickets range from $15 - $20 each and will be sold closer to the performance date.

Please note, actors 9 and under will require a parent volunteer fulfillment.

What if I don't get the part I want?

We have gone back to enrollment based productions because we believe that theatre is more than just 1 shining star. However, if you want to drop the production after casting, you will forfeit the $100 deposit. The remaining $200 will be refunded to you. If you drop, you are not eligible to participate in the following TCA production. You will be welcome back after one production. In case you can't tell, promoting theatre from all angles is of the utmost importance to TCA. We want to train talented, respectful, and eager actors; this means learning to love a role you didn't necessarily want. Some of my most fond theatrical memories are from shows or roles that I didn't think I'd like. I promise, theatre is more than just being in the spotlight.

Please note, this rehearsal schedule WILL change once we get all the cast member's conflicts.

This is a rough schedule to give you an idea of rehearsals. Please note all conflicts on your registration form (even if your age group is not called). We are happy to work around pre-disclosed conflicts. 

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