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Why do you need them? And why with Stacee?

Voice lessons are an imperative part of every singers regimen. Having an outside perspective on what needs improvement, what's working and what's not with your voice is vital towards making progress and continuing to grow as a vocalist. 

Stacee has been singing and taking lessons since she was just 6 years old. She started TCA in 2013 but has been teaching vocal lessons since 2009. COVID reignited her love for teaching because it was one of the only successful virtual options.

She chose to pursue a highly difficult and acclaimed vocal certification program, The Institute for Vocal Advancement. She is in her first year of training as a student teacher and plans to continue her training and growth with this amazing technique!

The IVA method teaches from the perspective of the singer; teaching you how to achieve any sound you want via vocal balance. Learning how to access all dynamic levels in your voice without straining, cracking, or breaking. 

My goal is to show singers how to use their voices in the healthiest, most efficient way so they can reach their full potential.


Improve your Voice.

This seems like a no brainer, but without lessons your voice will stay where it is with little to no improvement.


Expand Your Range.

I don't just mean your vocal range, but your range as a singer. Vocal lessons will push you to find new parts of your voice you never knew existed, whether through songs or exercises.


Build Self Esteem.

A voice teacher should not only improve your vocals but also encourage you to keep on learning and pursuing your love of music!


Build your Repertoire.

A large part of vocal lessons is song work. Stacee will help you learn songs you love and suggest material she think may help you improve. 


Discover Your Voice.

You may already enjoy singing but vocal lessons can help you discover and improve upon what makes your voice unique to you.

5 Reasons to Take Vocal Lessons

Stacee Tweedlie Willis (4).png

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