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24 Hour Musical Information!

A 24 Hour Musical?! What are we thinking? What is it? Why should you come?! Well, let me tell you! I follow a lot of other theaters via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets. I love seeing what other companies are doing, what's working, what's not and one day I saw it, a 24 Hour Musical. At first I thought, "Oh I can't wait until our kids are a little older, this will be so much fun!" And then I said, "WHY NOT NOW?!" This is the perfect age! These kids still love sleepovers, and they're not "too cool" for me yet, so why not now. And thus, the 24 Hour Musical idea began!

Here's the breakdown...

Times are tentative, this is just to give you an idea of what we are planning to do.


4:00: Kids are dropped off, once everyone arrives we will be locked in. There will be ZERO exiting the theatre until the following day when our students are picked up.

4:00 - 5:00: Script handouts and read throughs. Students will be cast before they arrive via their video auditions and/or previous auditions and performances.

5:00 - 6:30: Learn blocking & Musical Numbers

6:30 - 7:00: Super healthy PIZZA DINNER! I mean, it is a sleepover, we have to have some junk food, but don't worry we are always ready and willing to accommodate any dietary restrictions! We will also have plenty of snacks available, so whenever the kids are hungry they can eat, as well as plenty of water!

7:00 - 11:00: Blocking, Choreography & Games, and FUN! Now, if anyone is tired beforehand, well anyone besides Miss Stacee, they will absolutely be allowed to go to sleep. We are not going to force anyone to stay up.

11:00: Movie & Bed

We will put on a movie and start to get ready for bed. Kids will be asked to bring sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, cots, whatever they'd like. We will be sleeping in the theatre and boys will be sleeping separate from girls.


7:00: Breakfast, wake up, stretch! We will be providing a cereal bar for breakfast, along with fruit!

8:00 - 12:00: Practice, practice, practice!

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch break.

1:00 - 3:00: Final practice!


We are so excited to take this adventure with our students, we know it's scary leaving your child anywhere overnight, so please ask us any questions you'd like. We will have parent chaperones coming and going (please let me know if you'd like to volunteer), along with myself, Mr. Vincent and Miss Toni who will be staying the full 24 Hours. We hope to see your child on our roster! Deadline for sign ups is Thursday, January 10th!

If you'd like to sign up CLICK HERE!

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