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Tips for A Successful Online Lesson

This post has been a long time coming hasn't it? Since March of this year at least! But Zoom lessons are here to stay! With Zoom, I can reach you at a moment's notice! Got an audition coming up but can't make it to the studio (when we open), book me through Zoom! Bored at home, want to work on a new song? Book me through Zoom! And not just me, Mr. Vincent and Miss Leah are both available for private lessons too!

Because of this technology, I have had the incredible opportunity to take lessons with the fantastically talented Caroline Bowman. Without this pandemic, I never would have had that door open and I am SO thankful it did. I have learned so much from her and she has ignited my fire for teaching! My point is, Zoom lessons truly can and do accomplish just as much, sometimes more, than in person lessons!

So below are my tips to make your Zoom lesson the best it can be:

  1. Check that WiFi! I know, you're tired of hearing that, but it's true. The stronger your connection, the better our lesson. So turn the wifi off on your phone, your brother's iPad, anything you can get your hands on (without starting fights) lol. Ethernet cord plugged directly into your computer is your best option, but I know that's not that easy!

  2. Update your Zoom! Seems like a no-brainer, but Zoom is updating constantly! With each update comes cool new features to help me hear your voice more clearly.

  3. Find a quiet place you feel comfortable in. Here is the biggest difference between live and virtual lessons. You have to be comfortable singing at home. Yes, mom and dad and sister can probably hear you, but we've got to conquer that fear! So practice singing when your lesson is planned that way you know what will be happening in your house at that time!

  4. Have a BlueTooth Speaker ready! Check out these super affordable options from Amazon, with prices as lows as $11.00 there is something for everyone's budget and hey, you can take it to the beach to blast Hamilton!

  5. Optimize your Zoom settings. This one is crazy important, it's a game changer. Check out this website below for detailed instructions on how to optimize your Zoom. These are always changing too, so keep googling for the best options!

  6. Invest in a music stand. This one is optional, but it's a fantastic tool. You can set your laptop, iphone, ipad on it and adjust it to different heights for the lesson and of course, you can rest your sheet music on it too! There are a ton of different price point options here, my suggestion is to get one with a solid back. The ones that aren't solid, tend to fall over, you've seen it if you've been at a rehearsal when I try to use one!

  7. Prepare something to work on. It's okay if you're new to voice lessons, but have some ideas of songs you like or things you'd like to accomplish in your lesson. It helps me tailor the lesson to you!

Ready to book an online lesson? Head over to our website. We have private lessons in voice, acting and musical theatre! You can book direct through our website with a time that works in your busy schedule!


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